BioCel® V XLA -suodattimet suojaavat Hatting A/S:n latoja PRRS-taudinaiheuttajilta.

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Enduser name: Hatting A/S
Customer industry: Agriculture. Boars.

Customer: SKOV A/S
Industry: Climate and farm management solutions

Based on an outbreak of PRRS at the facility in Horsens in July 2019, Hatting started various risk reduction initiatives to better protect their boars against infections, especially PRRS.
One of the biggest initiatives the barn has started is to install a new air filtration system. The solution is based on overpressure ventilation meaning that unfiltered air is not drawn into the stables when, for example when doors are opened.

The solution was chosen in collaboration with SKOV, a world leading ventilation solution company specialized in climate and farm management for animal production. SKOV successfully cooperates with Hatting since years and has supplied 50% of the ventilation solutions currently used at Hatting.

SKOV has qualified AAF as their air filtration partner due to AAF’s long-term experience in the industry with many filters installed in pig farms, especially in the US.
Hatting A/S is Europe’s largest producer of boar semen for artificial insemination (AI). The company operates ten facilities in Denmark and employs 280 experts. Hatting has some of the world’s best boars at its disposal. Boars whose gene material ensures the largest and healthiest piglet litters with the qualities which swine producers, abattoirs and consumers demand - such as pork with a specific low fat content. Hatting has over 3.000 boars at its disposal and sells around 4,5 million semen doses a year.

The solution of choice consists of new ventilation ducts and special fabricated housings equipped with a two-step air filtration system consisting of ISO Coarse (MERV4) prefilters and AAF’s new BioCel V XLA main filters. The BioCel V XLA filters (MERV16) provide a 95% efficiency on 0.3 μm particles. Beside the high filtration efficiency BioCel V XLA filters are in addition characterized by several unique features such as a high filtration moisture resistant efficiency media and a 100% sealed construction to avoid any bypass with plastic grids on the downstream side to optimize protection during handling and while in operation.
A further key feature of the installation is the computer-based air monitoring solution, which was also provided by SKOV. According to studies in US the selected solution reduces the risk for infections by 70-90%.

PerfectPleat HC

- Self-supporting media

- Low initial resistance

- Fully incinerable

BioCel V XLA 95

- High efficiency filter media – 95% on 0,3 μm particles

- Water repellent filter media to ensure moisture resistance

- 100% sealed contruction to avoid any by-pass

- Plastic grids on downstream side to optimize operational protection

- High filtration area with very low resistance

- Fully incinerable

The outbreak at Hatting Horsens barn in July 2019 was most likely caused by airborne virus particles which entered the facility via the ventilation ducts. There are no pig farms close by and previously the risk of an infection from outside was considered to be very limited in theory. But unfortunately, in practice, it was not. Therefore Hatting now decided to install new air filtration solutions in all of their ten barns in Denmark during 2020 to maximize protection.

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